• Hey Brian, this is Nana, you subscribed to my you tube channel thing the other day which made me excited and just wanted to say I’ve put your name on the door for a comp to Underbelly arts festival at NAS in Sydney – I’m doing a show at 3pm today at cell block theatre and really wanted you to come along.

    Hope you’re around xNana

    • Wow, thanks so much Nana for your generosity. Yep, I had plans to attend this with a few friends. If we’re not stuck in the Marriage Equality march at Taylor Sq we’ll definitely see your work at 3pm. Cheers, Brian 🙂

  • Hi Brian
    Loved your discoverable inhabitation interaction at Carriage Works (Absorption). So much so that we went twice to make sure both our kids experienced it …. the “father daughter crouching” on the last day with a boy next to us …was us. Be great to know what you have in store next.

    • Such a pleasure Marcus, Normally in direct dialogue with audience/audience-cum-performer, being only able to see you and not hear you (can ghosts hear?), felt like a poetic, single line telephone. Thanks for the generosity of your ear and now your thoughtful reflection after it. If you’d like me to add you to my address book for upcoming shows feel free to email me: brian.fuata@gmail.com. Best, brian

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