call and response (changing title: 2010 to now)

Dear Writer

This is Call and Response (changing title: 2010 to now).

It is a performance of writing.

The invited writer starts the exchange by emailing me a piece of text in a word document.

I have 48 hours to respond, then the writer responds to that, and so on and so forth for a calendar month. Thirty-one times, not thirty-one days.

I’m collecting seventy-two writers over seventy-two months, a writer per “month”.  Not consecutively, more when both are available.

There are no rules.

If there were guidelines, it’d be the natural guidelines that figure the time and space of two people in the same room.  In life that guideline changes.  What ever that means to you, let that be your guide.

What do two people do when closed in an empty house, an empty theatre; an empty shed; an empty stage; an open prairie, on the open sea with no land in sight, the sea of the sky above – two continuous never ending thick chasms.

You might think differently, that we’re at a fairground full of colour. It’s up to you.

Let me know if you’re ready to start.  If now is not a good time, we can try later on.







 Writers so far or will be:

Bradley Vincent

Joel Glazebrook

Dan Taulapapa Mcmullin

Justin Miles

Amanda Rowell

Anni Hellwig

Rachel Fuller

Paul Gazzola

Peter Lenaerts

Michael Wynne

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay

Georgia Anderson

Dr Lisa Roberts

Clinton Richards

Boni Cairncross

Craig Burgess

Lizzie Thomson

Tony Schwensen

Sue-Li Tasker Yeo

Nick Garner

Michael Poetschko

Owen Parry

Karl Larsson

Samuel James

Kelly Azizi

Mitch Cummings

Ella Barclay

Tim Derbyshire

Tom Squires

Cinnamon Templeton

Sid M. Duenas

Christopher LG. Hill

Fayen d’Evie

Hana Aoake

Matthew Hopkins

Zoe Marni Robertson

Spencer Lai

Iakovos Amperidis

Ruark Lewis

Stephanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe

Bobuq Sayed

Richard Cooke

Thomas Bradley

Hamish Petersen

Plastic Knife

Atong Atem

Anna Poletti

Marcus Jennejohn





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