Privilege (bowls)

This is a re-enactment of a performance that took place
Saturday 17th November 2012 at 4pm,
55 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville, 2204.

In italics is the spoken text.

The room is a small room; it takes place before a bay window-looking window.

Ladies and Gentlemen, are we all in? If we could stand around the edges of the rug, maybe even close to the wall, keep in mind the camera recording this.
Welcome to Privilege (bowls) curated by Eleanor Weber as part of Reality Considerations (for the sake of).
Now, as I begin you’re probably wondering why I am dressed like a faun. Well that’s because today I am. This is what a faun looks like.

Black rollers, a pair of dark blue chinos, the waistband of red pinstriped boxer shorts, bare-chested and a nose painted black. The “bowls” are solid balls of unfired clay.

Today I am talking about these bowls I have made, which in your mind, under the guidance of what you believe as useful and valuable are not bowls. And as Brian Fuata these aren’t.
But, as a faun, they are.
As a faun, today will be a presentation, a folk artist talk about my bowls, where back in Faun Land these are bowls. These are containers of emotions and ideas.
I will validate them each with their creation stories, educate you about the contents of what they hold, followed by a ceremonial welcome faun dance. This dance will create a protective barrier to stop its physical disintegration.
I’ll start with this. With this bowl here, I was thinking of your mountains in Scandinavia, these Alps during a storm. You can see with this bowl that I was thinking of lots of turmoil; lots of dangers; lots of indecision. I’ll show this around so you all can see.
Now with this bowl I was thinking about smallness.
Now with this bowl I was thinking about infinity. You can see that it has no bottom and that the bowl itself is also contained in another bowl, otherwise known as a box.
Now with this bowl I was thinking about pleasure.

Momentarily looks out the window.

I can see Shane Haseman outside.
There’s going to be a knock at the door very soon. I can hear him walking up the stairs.

Shane enters.

Come in Shane, I saw you coming into the building downstairs, outside. Take a place. I’ve just finished explaining these bowls that I’ve made. They belong to a mystical, mythological world of Faun Land. You’ve come at a time where I’m about to explain my last bowl.
This bowl is about nothingness. It is about learning nothingness, knowing nothingness, or at least an attempt to anyway.

Okay, now. A moment’s silence. Ladies and Gentlemen, the ceremonial faun dance.


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